Yoruba will never go to war, we’re going to Aso Rock & we are not part of separation- Muslim Cleric

Recall that some people from Iwo in Osun State staged a solidarity support for the proposed Yoruba Republic or O’odua Nation being championed by Yoruba warlord Sunday Igboho.

The poeple were reported to have kicked against the position of the paramount ruler of the town, Oba AbdulRashed Akanbi, Oluwo of Iwoland on the proposed Yoruba Sovereignty.

Few days ago, in an interview conducted by Sahara Reporters, the controversial King had slammed the calls for secession saying that only Yoruba Obas can decide on the matter not a few individuals. Then, when asked of his opinion on 2023 election, Oluwo described any Yoruba man/woman that doesn’t vote for Tinubu as amad person, if Tinubu runs for presidency.

The statement and that of this popular muslim cleric who always attacks Sunday Igboho, Afenifere, Gani Adams, might have instigated the protest that rocked the town on Friday evening. They came out to show their love for Yoruba Nation. They were spotted with the proposed Flag!

In the meantime, the Muslim cleric has now responded to the agitation. He said such an idea is a call for war as witnessed in South East of Nigeria. He said Yoruba people will never go to War but rather, they are going to Aso Rock and they are not part of Separation or Secession as being proposed by some few elements in Yorubaland!


In another post, the cleric said you can only get freedom by organised violence with due consultation. They are shouting they are marginalized by Nigerian Government but failing to put their house in order. If things are not balanced in the country there’s a way to talk about that! Nigeria is just one Nation, Oduduwa Republic or whatever has never existed before.

Few individuals demanding freedom, this is ridicule to Yoruba race, you think to get a nation is by going from one media house to another. Before you get a nation you have to prepare enough economically and securitywise. But without that, you are only fooling yourself around!

Source: Da_creative

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