Why I didn’t support Buhari’s presidency, Yakasai finally opens up

 One of the major critics of President Buhari’s government, Tanko Yakasai, has said that the president can’t solve Nigeria’s problems.

The elder statement stated that Buhari does not have the capacity to lead the country

Yakasai noted that most of the people who want to succeed Buhari in 2023 lack vision

Tanko Yakasai, an elder statesman has said electing Muhammadu Buhari as president of the country is the greatest mistake made by Nigerians in recent times.

Speaking exclusively to Nigerian Tribune, Yakasai, said he had always known Buhari lacks the capacity and the competence to deliver the goods and solve the country’s problems.

An elder statesman, Tanko Yakasai, has revealed why he didn’t support Buhari’s presidency.

Legit.ng gathered that he noted that he never changed his mind about the president’s lack of ability to lead the country.

He said:

“I have never supported and will never support Buhari. I know Buhari has no competence to rule the country. I have never changed my mind about his lack of competence to lead the country.


“I didn’t support Buhari because I knew he could not solve our problems as a country. The capacity is not just there. I would join efforts to look for somebody who can solve our problems.”
Yakasai further stated that nobody can solve Nigeria’s problems until there is a programme for solving them, adding that many now want to become president because they want to have power and to make money.

The elder statesman, however, noted that only people who put their minds to the problems can solve such them, saying that a programme that would solve the problems in agriculture must be developed the sector.

Yakasai, however, said his opposition to President Buhari would not translate to endorsement for those calling for the balkanization of the country, saying there would be more problems for the various component parts if they break away.


Source: legit.ng

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