“We’re not sex machine” A Lady cries out on behalf of calabar indigenes for people to desist sexualizing them

A lady from Calabar, Cross River state has asked people to desist from sexualizing them and seeing them as sex-machines.


The lady with the handle @Laidy_Beeh said this while reacting to a post on Twitter.  Another Twitter user @olumurewa had shared the photo above with the caption
         “Your 5-minute break is up, there’s still so much we haven’t done. I thought you said you were from Calabar”

@Laidy_Beeh found the tweet upsetting and stated that the narrative needs to stop.

”Calabar, not sex machine. I can’t count how many times I’ve been sexualized unprovoked cos of where I’m from. It is the same for many others like myself. It has never been funny. Please stop.”



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