Only 2 out of Nollywood Actresses Genuinely Eat from Their Sweat, others Sleep around: Nigerian Man Reveals

A man identified as evangelist Victor Edet has taken to social media with a revelation about Nigerian actresses

– According to the evangelist, most of them sleep around to be able to afford the lifestyle they flaunt

– Edet advised young ladies not to go into the industry unless they are ready to sleep around as well

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A man identified as evangelist Victor Edet has taken to Facebook with quite a shocking revelation about actresses in the Nigerian movie industry.

According to Edet, only two out of about 50 actresses in Nollywood genuinely eat from their sweat.

He continued by saying that others who flaunt flashy cars and houses sleep around to afford and maintain that lifestyle.

The evangelist advised young ladies not to think of joining the industry or becoming musicians unless they are ready to sleep around like their seniors.

Edet also assured people who might be doubting his facts that they would believe later.


He wrote:

“As a young lady who lives in Nigeria, I will advise you not to dream of becoming an Actress or Musician except you want to end up being a Prostitute. Forget about the Flashy Cars and Houses they show you Online. Out of 50 Actresses in Nigeria, only 2 are geniuely eating from their sweat, others are into Prostitution. If you don’t believe me now, you will believe later.”


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