Please read this carefully.

This is to inform all our publishers that the withdrawal button will be active by 10.00pm 30th April, 2021.

All eligible Publishers are adviced to kindly follow the withdrawal instructions so as not to get your withdrawal denied.

Withdrawal form must be filled once.

Due to our low revenue from our ads companies, amount that will be paid will be reduced so we can pay more people this month. We’re committed to staying by our words no matter what happens, our payment will be from 5,000 naira – 30,000 naira or the equivalent in your local currency, kindly bear with us.

We’ll be giving preference to our publishers who shared posts on thier WhatsApp status as we’ll be using thier views to determine payment. WhatsApp posts validates all other posts shared.

To place a withdrawal, the minimum coin you should have is 400,000 which is 10,000 naira or equivalent in your local currency.

Only a single Facebook account is allowed for a Publishers account, once another Facebook account is detected, your account won’t be verified and it can be deleted.

You’ll be asked to submit your Facebook & Twitter ID link for verification. This means your posts on Facebook and Twitter will be counted and verified by a robot, all invalid posts coins will be deducted.

Any fraudulent activities detected will affect payment so if you have been using more than one Facebook account or more than one phone to accumulate coin, kindly report yourself to our support system to avoid your account being deleted.

It takes a Maximum of 4 working days to verify accounts by a robot, Payments will be done in batches, once we’re done will all batches everyone will be notified.

Don’t forget to upload your alert and testimonies once you’re paid as this will deny your next payment. We value feedbacks and testimonies.

Statearn Admin.

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