An Open Letter To Sunday Igboho, Southwest Governors, Yoruba Kings And Yoruba Nation Agitators

As a responsible and concerned citizen of Nigeria, Soil of Yoruba land, I will like to share my opinions, thoughts, and advice to Sunday Igboho, Yoruba kings, and the Yoruba Nation Agitators, I would like you to read through and also take urgent action on it.

‘ We Nigeria citizens all know what has been happening presently in our country particularly the clash between Yoruba and Fulanis as a result of the alleged killings of Yoruba farmers by Fulani’s which brought the Yoruba activist, Sunday Igboho to the scene to defend and secure all Yoruba together and later turn out to the agitation of Yoruba Nation

In my humble opinion, Sunday Igboho is a right Yoruba activist calling for the curb of Yoruba farmers by the Fulani’s, that shouldn’t prompt him to be fighting for the separation of Yoruba’s from Nigerians, No matter how this situation may be, don’t let us call for the separation of Nigeria, we can only solve this ravaging crisis by unity, let’s come together, talk and resolve about it, calling for the creation of Yoruba nation is awful, I would like you to desist, let’s fight for peace and unity in Nigeria.

To all Yoruba kings, my word of advice is for you people to come together and resolve it, these killings have been happening in your land, there was no Justice served not until a right activist come out to fight against it, come together, speak with one voice together, the solo of your voice not speaking out matters a lot, Call Sunday Igboho, Speak together in unity. The more you don’t speak,the more people disrespect you and the throne, please come together.


I will like to tell the southwest governors to be very calm in whatever they do, call for unity, focus on the security of your people, call Sunday Igboho and let him realize the bad side of what he is doing, speak together in unity and let’s have one Nigeria’.

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